PR associatess, with every project, puts its heart and soul into crafting the perfect design as per clients’ vision. The motivation and vision behind our work is to explore and use architecture as a medium to strengthen individual confidence.

Ace Ajanta’s Gated Community is designed to inspire positive thoughts and emotions. The project is a balance of function and form. Experience living in a beautifully designed Gated Community. Experience the power of an uplifting environment; make use of the amenities meant to add value to your lifestyle.

Rekindle the joy of living close to nature as a 100’s of acres land of lush greenery is Ace Ajanta’s neighbour. Besides, here’s an opportunity for you to give back to nature with Ace Ajanta’s eco friendly features. For example Rainwater Harvesting, And last but not the least, the feature which makes it an economics-friendly investment is the quality of construction materials which is the best in location, and demands lower costs of maintenance, even over its lifetime.

Builder's name

ACE Ventures

Construction Area

2,43,896.00 S.ft




Cellar+Ground+5 Floors

Site Area

2,281.78 Sq.yds

Ace Ajanta - Actual Image Ace Ajanta - Before Image


After an initial meeting with the client regarding the project scope, budget and individual requirements, the architect would survey the site on your behalf and gather key information such as certificate of title, planning information, drainage plans etc.

The architect designs a concept that is a essentially a solution to the requirement of the client. It consists of drawings, perspective sketches, floor plans, physical models or computer rendering.

After the concept was agreed by the client, the testing of the ideas and refining takes place to shape the final design.


Ace Ajanta’s architecture is deliberately infused with artistic elements – the builder’s intention is that residents may stimulate the subtle benefits of art into their lives through regular engagement.

The conceptual and architectural designs of Ace Ajanta are inspired by the Buddha Dharma which emphasizes on the quality of being beautiful at the heart throughput the life.

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